Brikama United’s new coach Modou Lamin Nyassi says they’ll challenge for title

Brikama United seems to find the man to take the club to the next level. Most often we highlight the brilliance of the coach or the players but the one that fans should always thank is the assistant coach.

Chally as mostly known, has lived in football for the past two decades and in him we likely to see more young players emerging from the west coast region based clubs.

Gambia Sports – Your former boss Sulayman Kuyateh left because of lack of financial support to him and the players, take us through the monetary agreement between you and the Brikama interim committee

Modou Lamin Nyassi – Money is very important as stated, Brikama United is a community club. Everybody knows the sources of our finances. The greatest source is from the gate takings, and from there, there is a specific percentage budgeted for the club. From that money, players are been paid allowance and have their kits catered for although sometimes the management do have problems with some short-falls. Going back to your question, there is an agreement but people should not expect that I myself or players will be paid D5000 per month. The club does not have enough funds to pay big. Both my monthly salary and that of the players are been negotiated by the committee at this juncture.


Gambia Sports – I have realized that since your appointment as a coach, there is so much life and fun within the camp. What is your vision for the club? Hence I expect you to challenge clubs like the Gambia Armed Forces, Hawks, Marimoo, Fortune FC and Real de Banjul this season.

Modou Lamin Nyassi – As just mentioned, Brikama United do not come out to participate rather we go out there to fight for the title and that’s the same mentality we’re going with this season. With the players I have on board and those expected to join us, I have no doubt that we will challenge other title favourites. Since after my announcement, I have brought in six players, the former Brikama United players too have helped me a lot to settle with activities and advice.


Gambia Sports – Does Brikama United have an official sponsors?

Modou Lamin Nyassi – No we are yet to have sponsors, as said earlier due to our well attended Nawettan matches, all our money comes from there.


Gambia Sports – As a fan of social media yourself, How do you think that can help your club at large?

Modou Lamin Nyassi – Social media is very important, actually Brikama United did have a website during the 2012/2013 season but it didn't last long, because the admin wasn't getting support i.e. fund. Nonetheless the little time our then website was up, I featured all the players with accurate database and information. I can draw you a familiar example that of Tapha Manneh's LISCR FC in Liberia, social media helped them a lot in their just concluded season. Right now we only have a page operated by an ex-player, communication have been reach between him and the committee so that he continues the good job so that all information are reach out to our fans and well-wishers.


Gambia Sports – Now that you have mentioned Bombada in the picture, their talisman Mustapha Drammeh is reported to have absconded during his trials in France. What’s your comment is this unfortunate scenario?

Modou Lamin Nyassi – It’s very difficult, we had a chat prior before him leaving but I didn't have knowledge of him leaving neither. I learnt that his parent club Bombada FC were not aware too. If your club doesn't know then what are you really doing away. Such scenarios creates a blockage for the players back home who dreams of been professionals. Agents or scouts will be doubtful to help any rising star thinking that he may follow the footsteps of Tapha. He and the rest who have done such acts have made it difficult for the rest.


Gambia Sports – Do you have any plan in case that you face crisis in some part of the season? Modou Lamin Nyassi – The best to do is to go to the training board and adjust things, winning is very important because once you start losing fans run away. Brikama United belongs to all of us and I have the backing of the committee. Even Saul Kuyateh told me his doors are always open.


Gambia Sports – There is a ban, stating league players aren't allow to play Nawettans, how do you see that decision?

Modou Lamin Nyassi – I agree with the federation to ban the players simply because through the Nawettans, young kids can showcase their talent and it should be like that. I support the idea.


Gambia Sports – Any message to the Federation in the upcoming league?

Modou Lamin Nyassi – I have learned that the coaches association have sent some request to the federation to look into before we kick start our campaign will be fine.