Kenya stripped off CHAN rights, a disgrace which others should learn from

Ahmad Ahmad and CAF-Exco on Saturday 23rd September stripped off Kenya its right to host the CHAN 2018 a decision which was backed with the reports on inspection which clearly indicates that Kenya are far way too behind.

New host bid are open. Three partners should be blamed here the Government, Ministry of Sports and the President of the FA. I don't think you can use your campaign as a yardstick to renew promises that are already in your vision and mission. A trend that most African politicians do. In 2013 Uhuru promised that its government will build five international stadiums across the country. Four years later , even the foundation stones have faded away.

Hilariously the budget for the tournament was only released four months before the tournament. Most often, African presidents use sports to convey their message as seen with Gabon and the same Uhuru in the concluded World U18 championship.

Africans must elect wise leaders whose mission is not driven by self-enrichment. The ministry of sports is always allocated with budgets for its activities where they fund various federations across the country. The ministry is a springboard between the federations & government but most of the time they are found wanting.

Kenya's Football federation president is preaching things that we know he should have known. Half of all African football presidents are involved in fights and dramas that can secure longevity in that sit, such occupancy leaves most African football presidents behind in the day to day activities of the federation i.e. developmental agenda, relationship with leagues association.

Mr. Nick Mwendwa tweeted “losing CHAN is a wakeup call. At times like this we must pull together and do much more for the future. Now we continue the journey. Build stadia, develop youth, coaches and work harder.”

Most often football presidents do not leave behind things that the future generation will be proud off. They even carry away office laptops when their terms finishes. This stripping will leave a big psychological blow to many young players’ dreams of presenting their country in front of their families and friends.

The latest stripping should also give two indications that sporting facilities across the country is solely government responsibility. Athletics and sports men & women should have a good environment to give them that mental edge. The second indication is that football federation should put their houses together to see high level development of the beautiful game must be attained.

It’s crazy travelling Africa and see their stadiums or the parks they play their league matches. The better stadiums you have the more spectators bring sponsors too.