Man of the moment Tapha Manneh makes history in Liberia

Little did he know that his Liberia adventure will hand him two gold medals, a league record set and earned him respect within Liberia.

Before Coach Tapha Manneh was appointed to take the reigns at LISCR FC, fans have deserted the club, simply because West Africans do not want to associate themselves with losers, it’s all about winning as far as fans are concerned. The only thing trending in Gambia and Liberia is coach Tapha Manneh, who didn’t hide his delight but stressed that he wasn’t surprised at the end product of his club.

Teams and clubs may find a tactic and formula but coach Tapha is not relaxing as he plans to defend his title. Doubts and eyebrows were lifted and raised, team owner Mustapha Raji went through sticks and mockery when the public learnt that a foreign coach will be at helms of LISCR. There were couples of draws, and by the end of the first round, LISCR were positioned fourth, at the end of the season they were crowned deserved champions with a 22 unbeaten run and went on to clinch the FA Cup against Elwa United.

You ask yourself who had the last laugh? Tapha Manneh had the last laugh over his doubters, he was only tasked to lead LISCR to a respectable position but it wasn’t the management and fans wildest dreams to cap off the season with DOUBLE. Coach Tapha was living with pressure, because folks doubted him a lot across the league, to silence them he played every match as a final. He brought back fans that have last been champions since 2012.

LISCR’s matches drags fans back to the parks and stadium, made players enjoyed their passion and at the end Tapha delivered gold. With only a technical report left and some small party, coach Tapha have scouted several players across the league that he wants the management to bring on board. Surprising enough he will bring in some Gambian players onboard to be specific central defenders.

Continental competitions didn’t go with coach Tapha Manneh during his reigns with Gamtel but lamented the financial gap was the obstacle, stating that LISCR have good sponsorship that can match the North African clubs if they are drawn against them.

Some Liberian first division clubs are interested in bringing coaches from Gambia, it’s only a matter of when? Not and if. It will be hard to see Tapha Manneh missing our sporting accolades at the end of the year.

The open minded coach told me, he kept the fans connected via Facebook and had a very good relationship with the journalist. Prior to his featured “I have spoken to coach a record number of sixth occasion and all are length chats”. Bravo Coach Tapha Manneh, deserved champion!