Gamcel Volleyball players attack teammate

BY: Alieu Ceesay 

Muminatou Mbowe, a player of Gamcel Female Volleyball Team was reportedly attacked by fellow teammates last Friday night at her home in Wellingara.

The attackers are said to be Sainabou Tambedou, Anna Marie Bojang, Jama Gaye, Jalika Jallow, Yama Saho, Kura Lowe and Bintou Jarju, all players of Gamcel Volleyball Team.

What led to the attack could be independently established at the time of filing this report, but according to Muminatou Mbowe in an interview, she was told by Sainabou Tambedou during the attack that, she (Muminatou) plans to quit the team but it won't just go like that.

"Sainabou and Anna Marie came into my sleeping room while others stood at the compound gate. I asked them what they were doing in my compound by that time of the night. They said I said I would leave the Gamcel Volleyball Team but it won't be just as easy as that. They asked me to go out with them to the compound gate where the other were waiting, but I insisted not going out because I was already on bed," she told the Gambia Sports.

Narrating further, Mbowe said she was told by Sainabou Tambedou that they heard what she (Mbowe) told one Gamcel player, Baby Sira.

"When I insisted of not going out, Sainabou Tambedou then called those outside to come in. I was surprised because they never visited my house. As they walked in, I was hit by Sainabou which left me unstable before she started throwing my clothes. One of them also hit me as others kicked and bite me."

Mbowe said, while she was left helpless, they started to use hot pepper on her eyes and nose.

"I started shouting for help and later managed to run out of the room before neighbours came out to intervened. The neighbours eve thought it was my Grandma who passed away because I stay with."

According to her, Tambedou and her group wanted to run away but were apprehended by neighbors and taken to Wellingara Police Station were the matter was reported.

The players were detained at the police station but later granted a bail.

Mbowe said, she was rushed to Fajikunda Health Centre where she was examined and given medicine.

Mbowe is still at home taking medicine. She has threatened to file the case at the court.

Sources said the officials of the Gamcel Volleyball Team want to peacefully resolve the matter before it gets to the court.