GSA considers hosting Banjul-Barra swimming race

BY: Omar Jarju

The Gambia Swimming Association is considering staging a seven kilometer Banjul to Barra Open Water swimming championship.

The Gambia has been sending swimmers for the annual Dakar- Gorée International Open Water swimming Championship for the past four years.

“We are definitely planning to stage the Banjul-Barra swimming championship”, said Arfang Jobe, the Technical Director of the Gambia Swimming Association.

“We have received so much experience and support from the Senegalese Swimming Federation in term of organizing open water championships, so I think if we organize, we can invite them to come and help us in some areas,” Arfang said.

“We are calling on the government through the ministry of youth and sports to support the Gambia Swimming Association for a better hosting”.

Dr. Muhammed Jobe, the President of the Senegalese Swimming Federation said his federation is ready to back the Gambia to stage the marathon race.

“This is very important for the Gambia because it can help to expose Gambian swimmers to International Open Water Swimming competitions and also avail Gambian International Open Water Swimming referees the chance to officiate in high level international competitions to enhance their experience.”