Reconciling rival Serahuleh communities through football

BY: Alieu Ceesay

The contribution sport can make towards peace-building efforts has generally been considered at the grassroots and nation state levels.

At the grassroots or community level, sport can be seen to provide a useful way of creating an environment in which people can come together to: work towards the same goal, show respect for others and share space and equipment.

It is for this reason that the Upper River Region regional sports committee has planned to organize a reconciliation football match between the two rival big Serahuleh communities of Numuyel and Gambissara in the URR.

The organizers have decided to match the two neighboring communities to form a team and play against the Serahuleh Village of Kulari.

In an interview with Gambia Sports, Alhagie Jallow, Secretary General of the URR Regional Sports Committee said the football match is billed for next Saturday at the Basse mini-stadium.

The two neighboring communities, Jallow told this reporter from his home in Basse, have not enjoyed a good relationship even outside football.

“The last incident was a terrible violence during a football match in which one of the officials of the regional sports committee suffered a serious injury. So, we want to organize this game to reconcile these communities.”