NSC ‘tight-lipped’ over handball clubs’ petition after 2 months

BY: Alieu Ceesay

A number of handball clubs have written a petition to the National Sports Council against the current executive of The Gambia Handball Association led by Sheriff Sanyang, Gambia Sports has gathered.

However, the clubs are not happy that the Council has been tight-lipped over the petition, despite receiving the petition letter two months ago.

In the petition sent to the NSC two months ago, the clubs blame the executive for not leading the association in the right direction.

“They [handball executive] have been here for many years and we have not seen any improvement in the sport. We lack confidence in the executive,” Hafiz Jallow of Lion Heart Handball Club and signatory to the petition letter said in an interview with Gambia Sports.

As to whether they have received any response from the National Sports Council, Jallow replied in the negative, describing the silence on the side of the National Sports Council as very disappointing and discouraging.

He finally urged the Sports Council to intervene and address the dispute between the clubs and the executive. The seven teams that petitioned the executive, according to Jallow, are Warriors, Lion Heart, Katel Kunda, Konge Bi, Nema, Jeshwang and GAF. 

A source at the Sports Council confirmed that the petition was received and the council is looking at it. “The petition was received but it was overshadowed by the GFF saga. But the Council will work on the petition as soon as possible,” the source told Gambia Sports.

When contacted, Haruna Cham, Secretary General of the Handball Association said they are aware of the petition sent to the Council against his executive. 

He disagreed with the allegations made by the clubs, saying it is under this executive that a lot of developments have been active in terms of capacity building and decentralization of the sport.

He attributed some of the challenges to lack of funds.