Handball clubs petition leadership

BY: Alieu Ceesay

Some handball clubs affiliated to the Gambia Handball Association want the current executive to be dissolved.

The reasons, according to the clubs, in a petition sent to the National Sports Council, is due to what the clubs call “the executive’s lack of competence and proper handling of the affairs of the handball association”.

According to clubs, the association has not being executing its duties and functions properly, as required by any national association.

“The current handball association lacks a proper structure and mechanism for running the national league, which has been seriously affecting the clubs physically, morally and financially. Clubs have not being paid or given their dues after completing the national league or winning tournaments,” the club’s petition letter alleged.

The handball association, the clubs added, has not call for an AGM throughout these years, to submit activity reports and financial statements as part of their mandate.

When contacted by Gambia Sports, Haruna Cham, the Secretary General of the Gambia Handball Association said the petition is not signed by the genuine teams, but few clubs, who are being led by two disgruntled people.

Cham said the association does not receive subvention from the international body other than when the team is travelling to Zone 2 handball competitions stating: “The international body only provides cost of transport to the team.”

The current executive, according to Cham, has done a lot in promoting the game over the years. He informed that there are plans to convene an Annual General Meeting this month.